APPS (American Para Professional Systems) incorporated in 1972 and is the largest paramedical company in the US.

Headquartered in Jericho, NY; APPS has over 100 office throughout the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.  

APPS has developed and deployed the most advanced technology in the industry.

For example:  Smart Paramed is the most advanced method to perform paramed examinations online in the industry.   Smart Parameds save both time and money by providing more efficient and timely underwriting information.

With APPSLIVE, requestors and agents have the ability to:  
• Order cases online
• Receive automatic status notifications at any point during the exam process
• View completed cases online
• and much more

APPS provides outstanding service to thousands of agents and agencies for the more than 800 client companies we serve nationwide. Known for unparalleled professionalism, reliability and responsiveness, APPS has been a leader in the paramedical industry for 40 plus years and always strives to exceed our customer’s expectations! By delivering the highest caliber, personalized and advanced services to meet your paramedical needs.

The Columbus office of APPS, was opened in 1989 by Regional Director Marty Luxeder.   Since then it has grown to an organization with over 50 paramedical and medical examiners and a fulltime staff of customer service representatives.

APPS performs exams for some of the largest and most widely recognized life, health, and disability insurance companies in the world.